How to Get a Website for Business in Pakistan?

The world has enveloped itself into a technological web that controls every aspect of our lives. Technology is everywhere, and even the local vendors you see are using some technology. So, every business should have a website. In this article, we aim to provide you with information about how you can get a website for business.

Business websites create an online presence for your business and raise brand awareness. There is no harm in having a business website but remember you don’t want to have a liability lying around that is of no use.

What you need is a good enough site that can attract traffic and is usable. There are many ways to get a business website. The best way is to hire an individual or a firm to develop your business website.

We know that it might seem like an expensive option, but the end result will be much better. So, before we tell you how you can get a website in Pakistan, let us inform you about the inner workings of a website so you can get a better idea. You can skip this part if you already know how websites work.

Inner Workings of a Website

A Website is hosted on a server, which is a computer that hosts all the data of your website. The address for this computer is usually very complex numbers, which is not easy to remember.

So, to tackle this issue, domain names exist. Which masks the original address with an easy to remember domain name. When you enter that domain name in your browser, it sends out the command to domain name servers (DNS). Which further connects the user to the correct address. You can actually use the real IP address to access the website.

Anyways that is how websites work. In short, they are hosted on servers that are similar to your personal computers.

Every website that you use on the internet has a physical server that it uses.

How can you get a Website for your Business in Pakistan?

Now that you know how websites work, there are three things that you need to pay for to get your business presence online

  1. Hosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. Website Development

Hosting provides you with all the essentials that you will need for your website. That includes a server, control panel, and much more. Usually, domain names are pre-included in most of the hosting plans, but you can get them separately as well.

Then comes the next part, Website development. Getting a hosting and domain name is easy and cheap. The main thing that you will have to pay most for is a quality website for your business. Here are a few ways you get get your business website in Pakistan

Build your own Business Website.

The cheapest option for you is to build your website yourself. There are many free ways you can use to build your website. But you will still have to buy the domain name and hosting. So, to build a website for your business for free use the following tools.

  1. WordPress
  2. Elementor
  3. A free or paid theme.

WordPress is one of the most popular and easy to use Content management system. You can easily install it into the hosting that you bought and start building. You will also need the elementor plugin for building a good looking website. This plugin allows you to directly edit your themes without messing with any internal codes.

Pros and Cons of building your own Business Website.


  1. This will save you a lot of money
  2. Full control of all aspects of your websites
  3. A better understanding of the inner workings of your website.
  4. You will learn a lot while building.


  1. It’s very time-consuming.
  2. Quality will not be on par with a good business website.
  3. If you mess up you might have to hire someone to fix that problem.
  4. You will have to go through the whole process of getting credible and quality hosting, domain, and developing your website.

Hire an Individual or Web Development Company

This option is a bit expensive but can prove to be beneficial in the long run. Because when you hire a professional to do your job, you will usually end up with a quality website. Although, please remember, don’t just Google “Website development company in Pakistan” and select the first option.

Because the quality of your website will depend on the service provider that you will choose. We have already written a detailed resource on finding the best possible agency in Pakistan. However, it applies to any other country as well. But we will still provide you with a small overview of what that article entails.

  1. Look for reviews.
  2. Check out their portfolio.
  3. Meet them to discuss further.
  4. Ask for Samples.
  5. Negotiate the best deal.

A quality professional will be able to develop your ideas into a marvelous wonder. The unique look that a great website builder will bring will be very different from any free resources. And that is what attracts customers because if your website is unique, It will portray a more professional image.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Web Development Agency/Individual.


  1. They will handle all your website-related tasks. From content writing to coding, they would be able to provide you with an overall package, depending on your budget
  2. The end result of your website will look more professional.
  3. They can provide you with ideas, that you have never thought about.
  4. Your website will be built quickly without any quality degradation.


  1. It might be heavy on your Pocket
  2. You will have to hire them, again and again, to make changes to your website.
  3. Your website might not have a personal feel

We hope that we manage to show you the right way to get your business website in Pakistan. If you are still confused and have a related query, feel free to contact us anytime.

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