Perform WordPress Speed Optimization on Your Website to Rank Better

WordPress is the popular CMS that hosts millions of websites around the world. It is easy to manage and operate. This popular CMS provides us with so many customizations options, and plugins are one of them. You can use some of these plugins to perform WordPress Speed Optimization on your websites.

The reason for optimizing your website is to rank better on Search Engines. You might be wondering if website speed or page speed matters for rankings? The answer is Yes, Google has specified that it considers website/page speed as a ranking factor.

Google aside, if your website is slow you might not sustain visitors. The reason for that is nobody has the time to wait around and wait for your website to load. They will just switch to another.

So, consider website optimizations as part of your SEO process. With WordPress, it is relatively easy to optimize your websites but remember before even you start building your website choose a quality and fast hosting service.

If your host is slow, then it might not be possible for you to optimize using our methods. So, without any further ado, let’s start our guide for WordPress Speed Optimizations.

Basic Tips for WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress has created a world for all us newbies to work on our websites. But if you are not a professional, you might end up with a slow website, scratching your head about what to do next. But if your host is good enough you can use some simple tricks and plugins to optimize your Website Speed.

To optimize your WordPress Website, follow this method

1. Create a Backup Before Starting WordPress Speed Optimization

Here is a general rule of thumb, before performing any electronic change to any device or software, always back it up. The same goes for your website, so before you start any optimizations, back up your Website.

2. Find out Your Website Current Speed and Issues

Before you begin, you need to know where you stand at the moment. So, use any free website speed test for your WordPress Website. Here is a list of some popular tools that you can use. These tools will provide you with a detailed analysis of your website’s slow response.

  1. Google Page Insights
  2. GTMetrix
  3. Pingdom

Run several tests using these free tools to get accurate results. When you have your accurate results, move on to the next step.

3. Optimize your Images with Plugins

Do you know that images play an important role in slow website speed? The best way to avoid this issue is to optimize your images for the web. What you can do is either optimize them before uploading or use an Image Optimizer Plugin.

Here are two of our favorite plugins that we use for image optimizations

  1. EWWW Image optimizer
  2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

4. Use Caching Plugins for Speed Optimization

Caching plays an important role in your website loading times. If you don’t know what is caching, here is a short answer in easy words. Caching is a small amount of data/memory of your website that is stored in the user’s browser. When the user first time accesses your website that data will be stored in their browser.

When they visit your website again, it will load faster for them using the caching data, and reserve server resources. After caching is enabled your server consumes fewer resources to load your website page, and that is why it increases the website speed

So, caching improves two things, one is the user experience, and the second thing is, It reduces the load on your server for it to load faster. If you are wondering which caching plugins you can use, here is a list of few popular ones.

  1. WP-Rocket (Premium)
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. WP Super Cache

5. Minify your Website Codes

When you initially perform a speed test on your website. You will notice that most of them will ask you to minify the CSS, HTML, or JavaScript codes of your websites. When you Minify your website codes, it takes less time for your browser to load your websites.

Most of the time you can use caching plugins to perform this task. But we recommend using the Autoptimize plugin. It is usually compatible with your caching plugins and can minify and optimize your website code in a better way.

We have used Autoptimize with WP-Rocket, and it worked out flawlessly. But please remember that setting up these caching plugins right is the key. You can find many YouTube videos on the specific caching plugin you want to use. It is a crucial step for WordPress Speed Optimization.

6. Implement a Content Delivery/Distribution Network

Another thing that can help you speed up your website for Global traffic is a Content Delivery Network. What it does is that it stores an image of a website on different servers around the world. And when a user tries to access your website. Your website will load from the closest server to the user.

This will increase the load time of your website significantly and enhance user experience. If you are wondering how you can implement a CDN? Usually, you can use your hosting provider to implement a CDN with some extra charges.

Other than that, there are services such as Cloudflare that will help you implement a CDN for your website

7. Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Themes

Using too many plugins or low-quality plugins can slow down your website as well. So always install quality plugins, and delete the unused plugins, don’t just deactivate them. Also, try to choose a lightweight theme and delete unused themes.


In this article, we provided you with a thorough guide on how you can perform speed optimizations on your WordPress Websites. Although, you need to remember that these optimizations may not work for you. It depends on so many factors, the first one that you remember is your hosting provider.

Other than this, speed optimizations will enhance the user experience and can bring more traffic to your Website. As we have mentioned before, Google loves quick websites because It considers it as a ranking factor.

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