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Discover the basics of WordPress website accessibility and our solutions for complying with ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines. At WebDesignCo.pk, we conduct accessibility audits and integrate third-party ADA infrastructure to simplify the process and ensure your WordPress website is ADA-compliant.

Accessibility Should be a Priority, not an Afterthought
Making Your WordPress Website Accessible is a Best Practice

Let us ensure your WordPress website is ADA-compliant, so visitors can easily navigate it.


Display information and UI design in a way that users can comprehend.


Allow navigation and functionality through various methods, from keyboard to screen readers.


Present content and interactions in a way that maximises predictability and is easily understood.

WordPress ADA compliance FAQs

ADA compliance refers to ensuring that websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is important for WordPress websites because it enables everyone to access content and information, regardless of their ability.

Some common accessibility issues on WordPress websites include insufficient colour contrast, missing alternative text for images, and inaccessible navigation.

Yes, there are WordPress plugins available that can help make a website ADA-compliant by automating certain accessibility features.

No, not all WordPress themes comply with ADA guidelines. It’s essential to choose an accessible WordPress theme or ensure that your existing theme meets ADA compliance requirements.

WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a set of standards for ensuring that websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities. It relates to ADA compliance for WordPress websites because it provides guidelines that websites must adhere to in order to be considered ADA compliant.

There are various online tools available to test for ADA compliance on a WordPress website, including accessibility validators and screen reader emulators.

The consequences of not having an ADA-compliant WordPress website can include legal action, negative brand reputation, and loss of potential customers who require accessible websites.

Our ADA compliance WordPress solutions
We offer the following WordPress accessibility services:
Manual ADA compliance audit
Implementation of third-party ADA infrastructure
Ongoing WordPress ADA compliance support
From Need to Requirement: The Importance of WordPress ADA Compliance
New to WordPress ADA Compliance Audits? Let Us Help You Get Started.

Achieving ADA compliance on a WordPress website can be a daunting task. At WebDesignCo.pk, we start with the basics and go beyond to ensure your website is accessible to everyone.

Target a larger audience

By making your WordPress website more accessible, you can reach a broader range of individuals and keep them engaged. Allow screen readers to describe images to the blind, ensure your navigation can be used without a mouse for those with physical limitations, and more.

Improve your SEO results

Enhance your search engine optimization efforts by making your WordPress site more accessible. By improving your website's accessibility, it becomes easier for search engines and screen readers to make sense of your content and structure.

Up your reputation

Demonstrate that your visitors are valued by prioritizing their browsing experience. Making an effort to include everyone will be appreciated by those who require the accessibility features you've implemented.

Avoid the worry

Don't wait for legal action to take ADA compliance seriously. Be proactive and ensure your WordPress website is accessible to all. Many esteemed brands and businesses have already faced lawsuits for lack of ADA compliance, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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Get to Know Your WordPress ADA Compliance Team

Meet our team of WordPress experts based in Pakistan who has conducted numerous ADA audits and implemented accessibility compliance on various client websites. With our skilled efforts, we have ensured WordPress websites conform to WCAG standards, meeting or exceeding the requirements.

Say Goodbye to ADA Lawsuit Worries

WordPress ADA compliance lawsuits are more common than you might think. 

Some people actively seek out websites that fail to meet ADA standards in search of a quick payday. As your website grows, it becomes a bigger target for potential lawsuits. To put things into perspective, civil penalties for first-time ADA compliance violations can cost up to $92,000, with subsequent violations carrying even higher penalties of approximately $184,000.

This is why WordPress ADA compliance is crucial. Not only does it help you avoid legal costs, but high accessibility standards also translate to a better user experience for all your visitors.

Put Your ADA Lawsuit Worries to Rest

Financial Assistance for WordPress Accessibility Compliance

The IRS offers a Disabled Access Credit option that can help cover the costs of ensuring your WordPress website meets accessibility standards. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a tax deduction of up to $15,000 per year.