Professional WordPress backup services

WordPress backup solutions with an expert team dedicated to the WordPress ecosystem. We manage WordPress backups for over 1,000 client websites.

Creating a world-class website isn’t easy. Chances are you’ve spent hours fine-tuning every single blog post, call to action, and landing page. You may have even enlisted the help of talented designers and developers.

Now picture this: you log into your WordPress dashboard, expecting to see all of that great content. Instead, you’re greeted by an empty website. Everything you worked so hard to create is gone.

This may sound dramatic, but data loss is a very real threat. Human error, a malicious attack, or even a natural disaster can wipe your website from the internet – forever. So how do you avoid this doomsday scenario? The answer is simple: create regular WordPress full backups!

The 101 on a WordPress backup service

To backup WordPress, this consists of two parts:

The database

This is where all of your settings, pages, posts, and comments are stored.

The files

These contain all of the media, attachments, themes, and plugins that can really give your site a wow factor.

Not all tools that perform WordPress backup solutions preserve every element on your site, so it’s important to choose your method carefully. With the right solution in place, you’ll have easy access to an almost up-to-the-minute record of your entire website with a WordPress full backup. You can rest assured that regardless of what fate (and the internet) throws your way, you’ll always be able to restore your site with a single click. What website owner wouldn’t want that peace of mind?
Your professional WordPress backup solution
When you partner with FreshySites, we promise to be at your side every step of the way with reliable service.
This includes initial research and development, right through to helping you win the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game – as well as creating regular WordPress backups. Losing content is something no website owner wants to think about. With FreshySites in your corner, this worry will become a thing of the past. Our team of WordPress backup experts can manage the entire backup process for you. This leaves you more time to focus on what really matters – running a world-class website!

Reliable, up-to-date WordPress backups

We perform database WordPress backups hourly to ensure that you never lose any of your hard work. File system backups are performed daily, for even greater security.

A schedule to suit you

We understand that you’re busy! Simply tell us when you want to back up your site, and our team of experts will handle the rest.

A consistent user experience

Our WordPress backups run quietly in the background, and are guaranteed not to negatively impact your site’s performance. Your customers won’t have a clue that a backup is taking place!

Off-site and offline WordPress backups

We’ve hand-picked all of our backup sources to provide the highest level of reliability and availability. However, at FreshySites we’re always prepared for the edge cases and worst-case scenarios. That’s why we create multiple WordPress backups of your site, across multiple sources. This includes Amazon S3 Cloud and a physical hard drive. In the extremely unlikely event that one backup source is unavailable, we can restore your site from a second source (or a third, or a fourth…)

Lightning-fast site recovery

Our specialist support team is always on hand to restore your website. Just give us a date and a time, and we’ll roll back the clock for you.

Ultimate peace of mind

Do you need us to make some changes to your site? Our experienced support team understands the importance of regular WordPress backups. That’s why they always take the time to create a complete, up-to-the-minute backup, before commencing any work on your website. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back(up).

We backup WordPress websites securely for clients daily
If your website is as important to you as we think it is, we also know it’s vital to keep secure WordPress backups for a variety of reasons. We have over 1,000 clients that trust us each day to keep their WordPress full backup ready-to-go, so it’s available to restore or roll-back at any time.
Why should I back up my website with a WordPress backup service from FreshySites?
There’s an assumption that when something’s on the internet, it’s there forever. However, that’s not necessarily true.
If you don’t back up your WordPress site, you risk losing 100 percent of your content, with no chance of recovery.


You might lose your data due to a malicious third party that manages to gain access to your WordPress dashboard and wreaks havoc. Alternatively, the issue might be something as simple as human error, such as a client or coworker pressing the wrong button in your site’s back end.


Sometimes, the problem may even be a misjudged design or development decision. You might spend hours overhauling your site, only to realize that it looked and functioned better before (we’ve all been there!)


You’ve already wasted enough time, without having to undo every single change manually. Restoring from our backup can save you a lot of effort, and help you move on from this misstep as quickly as possible.


As a website owner, we understand that you have a mile long To Do list. It’s easy to keep pushing WordPress backups to the bottom of that list. However, every minute that you delay is another minute you risk losing your website.

Contact FreshySites today, and you’ll never have to start completely from scratch. Just let us know how often we should back up your site, and we’ll sit in the background, silently creating WordPress backups to suit your schedule. With our WordPress backup solutions, we’ll properly backup WordPress, and you’ll get complete peace of mind, with zero effort.