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Expert WordPress Backup Solutions for Over 1,000 Client Websites

Creating a world-class website takes time and effort. You’ve likely spent hours fine-tuning every blog post, call to action, and landing page, with the help of talented designers and developers.

But what if all that hard work disappeared in an instant? Data loss is a real threat, with human error, malicious attacks, or natural disasters capable of wiping your website from the internet forever.

Don’t let this doomsday scenario become a reality.’s reliable WordPress backup services provide regular full backups to ensure your website’s content is safe and secure.

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Professional WordPress Backup Services

Understanding the Two Parts of WordPress Backup

The Database

This is where all your site's settings, pages, posts, and comments are stored.

The Files

These contain all the media, attachments, themes, and plugins that give your site its wow factor.

Not all backup solutions are created equal, and it’s important to choose a method that preserves every element of your site. With the right WordPress backup service, you’ll have access to an up-to-date record of your entire website, ensuring that you’re always prepared for any unexpected events. In the event of a disaster, a single click is all it takes to restore your site to its former glory, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time and resources.

Expert WordPress Backup Services

Reliable and Hassle-free WordPress Backup Solutions with WebDesignCo.PK

When you partner with for your WordPress backup needs, we promise to be with you every step of the way. Our team of experts ensures that you never lose any of your valuable content. From initial development to winning the SEO game, we provide consistent and up-to-date database and file system backups.

Flexible Backup Scheduling

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer flexible backup scheduling. Simply tell us when you want to back up your site, and our team of experts will handle the rest.

Consistent User Experience

Our WordPress backups run seamlessly in the background without affecting your site's performance. Your customers won’t have a clue that a backup is taking place!

Off-site and Offline WordPress Backups

We provide off-site and offline backups across multiple sources, including Amazon S3 Cloud and physical hard drives. Our backup sources are hand-picked to provide the highest level of reliability and availability.

Lightning-fast Site Recovery

Our specialist support team based in Pakistan is always on hand to restore your website. Just give us a date and a time, and we’ll roll back the clock for you.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

At, we understand the importance of regular WordPress backups. That’s why we take the time to create a complete, up-to-the-minute backup before commencing any work on your website. With our lightning-fast site recovery and ultimate peace of mind, we are the go-to choice for all your WordPress backup needs.

Secure WordPress Backup Solutions for Complete Peace of Mind

We offer secure and reliable WordPress backup services to ensure that you never lose any of your hard work. With over 100 clients that trust us daily to keep their WordPress full backup ready to go, our hourly database WordPress backups and daily file system backups provide complete peace of mind.

Secure Your Website with WordPress Backup Services from Web Design Co

The internet may seem like a permanent space, but your website’s content is not always as safe as you think.

Without proper backups, you could lose all your WordPress site content, with no hope of recovery.


Data loss can occur due to malicious third-party access to your WordPress dashboard or a simple human error, such as an unintentional action by a client or coworker in your site's backend.


You might also face issues stemming from ill-advised design or development choices. After spending hours revamping your site, you may realize it was better before – a situation we're all familiar with!


Instead of wasting time manually undoing every change, you can swiftly move past such setbacks by restoring your site from our backup, saving you valuable effort.


We know that as a website owner, your to-do list is never-ending. It's easy to keep postponing WordPress backups, but each minute you delay increases the risk of losing your site.

Contact today, and you’ll never have to rebuild from scratch. Simply tell us how often you want your site backed up, and we’ll discreetly create WordPress backups on your preferred schedule. Our WordPress backup solutions ensure your site is properly protected, giving you peace of mind with zero effort.

Why Choose a WordPress Backup Service Over a Plugin?
Advantages of a dedicated WordPress backup solution compared to plugin options.

While there are numerous WordPress backup plugins available, ranging from free to premium, many clients have chosen to migrate to’s backup services due to the benefits we offer.

In the digital realm, speed is vital. Your site’s loading time affects search ranking, traffic, and conversions. As a website owner, you’ve likely invested resources to optimize your site. Many backup solutions can slow down your server and negatively affect performance. At, our backup processes are designed to have zero impact on your site’s loading times.

Each plugin added to your site may introduce potential security vulnerabilities. Hackers can cause severe damage, including deleting content or your entire site. Although backup plugins can be useful, they can also increase risks. Third-party plugins and themes contribute to 96.22% of detected WordPress security vulnerabilities. By partnering with, you’ll benefit from our expertise in managing WordPress backups for thousands of sites without compromising security.

Many backup plugins require manual intervention, which might suffice for smaller sites. However, believes every website deserves the best. As a busy website owner, remembering to create regular backups can be cumbersome. Contact us, and we’ll gladly handle your WordPress backups for you.

Losing content, even temporarily, can be distressing. When you’re under pressure, deciphering complex plugin documentation is not enjoyable. With, site restoration becomes a breeze. Just reach out to us, let us know which backup to restore, and we’ll take care of the rest. With our help, navigating through the worst-case scenario becomes effortless and stress-free.

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