How it works: the FreshySites process

We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting our website design and development process so that each project exceeds client expectation.


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Research, background, & intake

Onboarding & project briefing

After you approve your website design project, we’ll pair you with an experienced project manager to walk with you through our web design and development process. The first step is to get to know each other and run through a high level overview of project goals and objectives. Our project manager will walk you through a briefing process with our team to drill down into all of the information we’ll need to be successful with the project.

Site architecture, structure, & hierarchy

Sitemap & page wireframes

The next step is to define the overall site architecture and home page structure. Our expert team will guide and direct the website page structure, based on industry best practices, client direction, and years of experience. From there we’ll propose a home page structure to ensure the best user journey to guide your website visitors.

Creative design & review

Home page layout & design

Now that we have defined the site structure and home page wireframe we move into the design and creative process. Our professional design team will develop three unique home page designs for your review, revision, and approval. We’ll work with you and your team to ensure the design is exactly as you envisioned and fully aligned with the results you are looking for.

Website build out

Website development & implementation

Now that we have a fully approved design and layout we begin website development. Depending on the size of your site, we’ll build out the entire site or take a phased approach. Our team of expert website designers and developers will bring your design to life and work through any necessary functionality or integration development.

Internal testing & review

Quality assurance

Before you see your development site, it undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process. Every site is pushed through a peer review session and is manually tested on all modern devices and browsers. We maintain extremely high standards for our backend code to ensure we’re always following best practices.

Client review & revisions

Website presentation & revision

We’ll turn the freshly built development site over to you and your team to review and provide feedback. At this stage we’re looking for any and all changes from text or graphic updates to major structural adjustments. We’ll utilize easy to use revision gathering tools — as well as live meetings — to ensure we fully understand all feedback. We make changes accordingly until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Final approval, quality check, & launch

Website launch

After we have gone through all feedback and revision rounds, we’ll ask for your final sign off. At this time, we’ll move the site to our production environment and run our final quality assurance process to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. We’ll work with your technical team to ensure the website launch is planned and seamless.

Post launch success

Ongoing support & success

Once your site has been launched, we’ll introduce you to our top-notch support and success team. This team is there to help with any questions, troubleshooting, or general support as needed — no matter how large or small. Our team is also structured to pro-actively help clients succeed through our ongoing review and audit process. See how it works.