Our Team Becomes Part of Yours

WebDesignCo.pk’s specialized retainer services group acts as an extension of your own team. With years of extensive WordPress experience, we’re here to provide guidance, consultation, and implementation for any WordPress-related project.

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/ Wordpress Retained Services

Introducing Your Dedicated Web Team

WebDesignCo.pk’s Pakistan-based team serves as your comprehensive resource for direct access to consultation, advice, and implementation of WordPress website projects.

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Arslan Rasheed

Retained Services Lead 8 yrs WordPress experience

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Shahzaib Sajid

Web Designer 2 yrs WordPress experience

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Mohsin Nawaz

Support Team Lead 5 yrs WordPress experience

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Richel Zane

Senior Project Manager 3 yrs WordPress experience

Let our team handle the heavy lifting, saving you time, effort, and overhead.

Collaborate with real people, not chatbots

At WebDesignCo.pk, you'll work directly with real people, including a project manager and a team with years of WordPress expertise backing you up.

Tailored workflows and complete flexibility

We'll help you determine the ideal workflows, meeting frequency, and monthly hours that suit your organization's requirements.

Smooth integration with your website and team

Your dedicated team at WebDesignCo.pk will become intimately familiar with your site, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in handling projects and requests.

Prompt and attentive consultation and support

We're here to assist you with every aspect of your website. Simply submit a request through your customized workflow, and we'll address it swiftly.

The Process

Launch your program

Your dedicated team at WebDesignCo.pk will arrange a kickoff call to familiarize themselves with your organization, website, and project objectives. We'll begin to understand your site's nuances while you meet your ongoing team. We'll listen to your concerns, issues, and goals, and develop an implementation plan for your work.

Determine check-in frequency

Our retained services clients have the option of personalized check-in meetings. Drawing on our extensive experience with various WordPress sites and projects, we'll help you choose the most suitable frequency to achieve your goals. We'll work at your pace and maintain best-practice standards as your projects advance.

Integrate into your tailored workflow

Our team will train and integrate you into your organization's customized workflow, providing direct access to the people you'll be collaborating with regularly. Recognizing that each site and client has unique needs, we'll develop a workflow process tailored to your requirements.

Incorporate your web design, development, and support tasks

Once integrated into the system, you can submit feature requests, updates, and support and development tasks directly to your dedicated team. We'll work with you to establish timelines for larger requests and aim for a 1 business day turnaround for smaller items.

A selection of stunning WordPress sites we manage

/ Wordpress Retained Services

Collaborating with WebDesignCo.pk has been a delightful experience. As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, I’ve worked with numerous WordPress website development agencies, but none can match the expertise and professionalism that the WebDesignCo.pk team offers. Their cooperative approach and extensive knowledge of website development have ensured the success of every project. The team at WebDesignCo.pk is not only skilled but also a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Mehmood Abbasi

Reliance Group

Proven and reliable WordPress retained services for projects of all scales.

As a highly-rated WordPress agency, we've earned the trust of many clients