Adhering to WordPress Excellence and Development Standards

Our dedicated in-house team at WebDesignCo.PK creates stunning websites by following and establishing the industry’s best practices in Pakistan and beyond.

/ Wordpress Best Practices

Embracing WordPress Best Practices for Developers, Clients, and Users

Streamlined Approach and Execution

Adopting WordPress best practices offers numerous advantages, including:

Efficient Development

Simplifying and accelerating the initial development and construction of a WordPress website.

Exceptional Client Experience

Enhancing the website's speed, stability, and security, leading to a more satisfying experience for clients.

Minimal Maintenance

Assisting in the website's ongoing maintenance, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Optimal Solutions for You

At WebDesignCo.PK, our passion for WordPress has only grown over the years. Our refined process, developed through a decade of experience, is designed to provide the best possible service to our clients, ensuring their success in every aspect of their website.

Our Proven WordPress Expertise at WebDesignCo.PK

Highly-rated premium theme

supported by a thriving company (over 100 team members) with over 12 years of experience in the WordPress industry.

Customized child theme

designed with proper structure and coding standards, focusing on enhanced performance.

Limited use of plugins

employing only top-rated, well-developed plugins with consistent support and updates.

User-friendly page builder

featuring backend and frontend visual drag-and-drop editing to facilitate client content modifications, while continuously improving performance.

Responsive web design

optimized for excellent performance and appearance on all screen sizes and devices.

Committed Company

exclusively dedicated to the WordPress ecosystem, serving over 1200 clients worldwide.

Experienced support team

providing extensive WordPress knowledge to assist your success with training resources, a comprehensive knowledge base, feature request implementation, and prompt responses.

Proper coding standards

and syntax, avoiding excessive code or overrides, and ensuring optimized images.

Quality assurance measures

and build standards implemented throughout every stage of the website creation process.

Integrated search engine optimization

(SEO) for most client sites to boost search result rankings.

State-of-the-art cloud server technology

featuring WordPress VIP architecture, NVMe, the latest stable PHP version, failover redundancy, load balancers, SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and 99.999% uptime, supported by a hosting provider owned by Automattic (the parent company of WordPress).

Functional development site

on the same server environment as the live site.

Regular WordPress core updates

to maintain the most recent stable version with the latest security features and improvements.

Advanced caching system

including a global CDN for faster loading times.

Strict adherence to security best practices

with daily monitoring, malware scanning, spam prevention, and the latest security tools.

Reliable data backup

with nightly redundant backups, alongside real-time and on-demand backup options.

300+ 5-star Google reviews